Creating an Account

  1. To create an account on pidgin on the main window (Buddy List) that pops up after opening pidgin click on the menu button on the tool bar that is labeled Accounts.
  2. After clicking on Accounts Click on Manage Accounts in the drop down menu or press Ctrl+A
  3. On the Accounts menu that then appears click the Add… button.
  4. On the Basic Tab in the Add Account Menu fill in the login options section with your Protocol (the messaging service that provides your account (i.e. Yahoo!, AIM, MSN, etc.), you Username for said account and its Password each in its respective clearly labeled slots. If your messenger account type is not supported by pidgin it will not appear in the drop down selection of the Protocol selection. Also check the box to remember the password unless you do not want others getting on your account (shared computer etc.) then leave it unchecked.
  5. For advanced users if a change in port or to change how proxy servers are used can selected Advanced or Proxy tab and change those settings by changing their set values. image009.pngimage010.png
  6. After all this is done Click Add at the bottom of the window. There your new account has been created.
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