Assessment by Scott Tollas

1. I had no prior experience with this collaboration tool. Never used it before in my life.
2. This tool as far as I can tell is very good for collaboration use it is easy to understand and follow however it require the existence of an account that is used by another collaboration tool to work. The only flaw I have found is I have not been able to transfer files successfully with it yet however by the looks of things its the schools networks fault not the programs own.
3. This tool is good for all users it is easy to understand and does not have a lot of unneeded extra blubber that comes with a lot of instant messengers. It has the options the novice users need and the ones the advanced users want both in easy to get to places but separated wisely as to not confuse anyone of any level. From what I tried of the program it did not seem like it had any real flaws to me.

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