How to add a Buddie

  1. On the Buddie List window that appears when pidgin starts click on the Buddies menu on the toolbar.
  2. On the drop down menu click on + Add Buddy selection.
  3. On the Add Buddy menu that pops up select your account that you want your buddy to be added to. Type in the Buddy's username in its respective slot. You can also give the Buddy a name in the Alias slot to help you identify him or her on your computer if you have multiple people (Buddies) with the same name. Also here the person can be added to any predefined groups by selecting one from the drop down menu beside the “ Add buddy to group:” line. After that information is entered press Add.
  4. The computer will then send a request to the other party to add you as a (friend, buddy or whatever the other party's program calls contacts) to accept or reject. If the person accepts they will appear on your Buddy List with a colored dot beside their name. If not then nothing appears.
  5. To send a message to a contact double click on their name in the list and a pop-up with a message box and the Buddy's name as the title will appear. Now you can chat like normal.
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